List of produced RWD-5 aircraft

Registration numbers factory aiframe number date of production/first flight other info
SP-AGJ 34 07.08.1930 Prototype, equipped with flat front winshield, no wheel fairings. Modified in 1933 - changed wheels and undercarriage, installed wheel fairings, flat front winshield replaced by convex one, Cirrus Hermes IV engine installed
SP-AJA 58 1932 Kolejarz I (Railwayman I)
Begining from this model all RWD-5 had convex front windshield.
SP-AJB 59 1932 Kolejarz II (Railwayman II)
SP-AJU 67 28.03.1933 Airplane built as one seat record-breaking version RWD-5bis. S. Skarżyński had flown over south Atlantic on SP-AJU.
Then given to S. Skarżyński by Ministry of Transportation, modified to two-seater
In September '39 evacuated to eastern regions of Poland - it was captured by soviet air forces
Begining from this model all RWD-5 had wheels fairings.
SP-ARP 68 1933 Airplane used by Polish National Flying Club (Aeroklub Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej)
SP-AKZ 69 1933 -
SP-AJP 70 1933 -
SP-LOT 71 1933 Used by "LOT" Polish Airlines till November '36. Then sold and used for the recreation flying purposes.
SP-ALR 75 16.02.1934 Used by Poznań Flying Club.
Begining from this model all RWD-5 had highten vertical stabilizers.
SP-ALS 76 16.02.1934 Used by Poznań Flying Club (Aeroklub Poznański)
SP-ALT 77 19.02.1934 Used by Ministry of Transpotation till 7.11.1934
SP-ALU 78 5.03.1934 Used by Ministry of Transpotation.
SP-ALW 79 4.05.1934 Used by Kraków Flying Club (Aeroklub Krakowski)
SP-ALY 80 26.04.1934 Used by Gdańsk Flying Club (Aeroklub Gdański)
SP-ALZ 81 11.05.1934 Used by Warsaw Flying Club (Aeroklub Warszawski)
SP-ALX 83 12.03.1934 Legun I
Used by Łódź Flying Club (Aeroklub Łódzki)
SP-LOP 84 1934 Used by Air and Gas Defence League (Liga Obrony Powietrznej i Przeciwgazowej (LOPP)).
SP-AMU 87 1934 -
SP-ALN 82 1934 -
SP-BGX unknown 1937 -

Unfortunately none of RWD-5 survived the II World War. Hence a group of enthusiasts from Experimental Aviation Association (Stowarzyszenie Lotnictwa Eksperymentalnego) EAA991 with Eugeniusz Pieniążek as the Head, decided to build a flying replica of this airplane. The work began in 1996 in Bielsko-Biała. The replica is a little bit heavier than the original model because the necessity of stronger frame construction design. The new airplane, registered as SP-LOT, was officially flown for the first time on 26th of August 2000.